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Getting money in the door keeps it open. Let’s review your product mix, profitability, key customers and build a pipeline that delivers


You can’t sell to people who don’t know that you exist. Forget SEO, social media and globalisation, let’s turn your existing network into stakeholders that work on your behalf.


Change is tough.

Business owners often feel alone facing the problems of the future and knowing the urgency for change. Getting people to hear each other, understand the challenges and work together to a common goal is the only way to implement strategic change.


Make a list of what keeps you awake at night.

Divide it up. What is in the past, what is in the future? What items on the list are related to other items on the list? Which of the future problems could we change tomorrow that would have a major impact? There are approaches to planning that can improve your bottom line tomorrow.

We are happy to be paid out of the difference we make. Think about it. That is a pretty brave offer.